Maximize your experience. Rediscover The Bible.

You may think you know it, but you’ve read nothing like this.

“Q830. Weird name, profound guide. When you go to a new place, say on a trip, you may reference a tour guide to maximize your experience. When you travel into the world of the Bible, what do you bring with? Q830, your travel guide for your trip that is life giving when maximized.” Eric Samuel Timm – Author, Artist, Orator, Visionary –

“A refreshing read of an old story. Ross writes with a sense of passion and purpose that helps readers understand and consider The Bible in a new light like few others of our time.”  Ellery Pullman, PhD – Vice-President – Briercrest College & Seminary

“I am excited for the release of Q830. Each easy-to-read chapter leaves you hungry for more. It’s hard to put the book down. If you’re looking for a great read, I highly recommend this book.” Peter Marshall – President of Gideons International Canada




what is q830?


The Bible. It's commonly labeled as boring, irrelevant, and confusing. People assume they know it, yet, a piercing story that could captivate anyone goes neglected. Why? Because the average person can't pick up a Bible and read it like a normal book. Not until now...


Introducing Q830: Your guide to the Bible. Q-Eight-Thirty is a brand new book series changing the way you read the Bible. Designed as a guide, anyone can now read the Bible and discover a book they'll read for fun, leisure, on vacation, or purely for entertainment.


This isn't a Bible study it's a guide, taking you behind the scenes, in between verses and into an experience like never before. Whether you're religious or not doesn't matter, read a story you'll love, and rediscover the best selling book of all time.

why the name q830?

The name Q830 was inspired by the story of a man who was trying to read the Bible. The man was asked, “Do you understand what you’re reading?” Frustrated, he replied, “How can I unless someone guides me through it?”

We believe people still feel this way. People still need help. People need a guide. We want to ask the question, “Do you understand what you’re reading?” If your response is “How can I?”, we have the guide. This Question was originally asked in Acts chapter 8 verse 30 of the Bible. 


our author

Ross Breitkreuz


Ross Breitkreuz is a writer and speaker who brings an unmistakable passion to his work. Driven by a desire to shatter Biblical stereotypes and see people discover the Bible in new ways, Ross founded Q830 Media Inc and began writing. Since then Ross has authored his first book and spoken throughout North America, gaining recognition as a powerful speaker and inspiring writer.

In 2014 he launched the Q830 Media Inc Podcast, where his messages have been downloaded tens of thousands of times. Ross is a graduate of Briercrest College & Seminary, accredited pastor, and proud partnered/artist with The Gideons International in Canada.

How it started...

In 2011 Ross had a friend who struggled to read the Bible. In an effort to help, Ross began writing e-mails. His goal was to simply help his friend go deeper into the story by making the people feel less like characters and providing context, drama and familiarity. After writing a few paragraphs Ross sent off the e-mail with simple instructions, “Read what I wrote, then read the Bible.”


Their response inspired Q830.

Opened Book
Opened Book


The foundation of the story.

A re-introduction to the Bible.




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